Apr 05

MERG Cyprus Research Trip, Spring 2022 by Emma Jennings (A'24)

by tuftsigl

This week I conducted interviews with many very interesting and knowledgeable experts on topics ranging from North Cyprus-Republic of Cyprus peace negotiations, asylum law in the Republic of Cyprus, Turkish foreign policy, and migration policy.

Mar 25

MERG Cyprus research trip, Spring 2022 by Carolina Hidalgo-McCabe A'23

by tuftsigl

After 25 hours of travel from Boston (including a 9-hour layover in London) we made it to Nicosia, Cyprus late last night.

Mar 21

WIIR 2022 Gender x International Relations Symposium by Sejal Mayer-Patel (A'24)

by tuftsigl

Tufts Women In International Relations hosted their first Spring Conference on March 11-12.

Jan 31

Casa Pueblo Visit by Margo Muyres (A'22)

by Chris Burke

Yesterday we traveled to Adjuntas to meet with Alexis Massol González, the founder of Casa Pueblo, and Larissa González Nieves, a graduate student of development at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Colombia who is writing her thesis on the organization.

Jan 27

The Cities of the Future by Ryan Minter (A'23)

by Chris Burke

As an International Relations and Urban Studies student at Tufts, with an interest in cultivating a career which merges these fields, I was very keen to explore the global innovations in space-making and urbanism which were to be showcased here at the Dubai World Expo.

Jan 26

Fusion Farms Experience by Briana McGowan (22)

by Chris Burke

This week, we were fortunate to speak to Dra. Anabelle Morales Droz, President and Chief Science Officer at Fusion Farms in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.