Feb 05

Challenges to Security in Space by Nicholas Martin (A24)

by Chris Burke

The first panel of ALLIES’ Seventh Annual Civil-Military Relations Conference on "Securing the Final Frontier: The 21st Century Space Race" featured three panelists who discussed the "Challenges to Security in Space". Our first panelist was David Burbach, Associate Professor of National Security Affairs at the US Naval War College.

Feb 04

U.S. Space Force by Ian Kim (A23)

by Chris Burke

The second panel in ALLIES’ Seventh Annual Civil Military Relations Conference (CMRC) addressed the US Space Force and its implications for security in space. Dr.

Feb 04

Securing the Final Frontier: The 21st Century Space Race by Ian Kim (A23)

by Chris Burke

On November 14th, Tufts ALLIES held its annual Civil Military Relations Conference (CMRC) virtually on “Securing the Final Frontier: The 21st Century Space Race”. The conference covered issues surrounding the unique security challenges of the space domain along with the newly created US Space Force.

Feb 03

ALLIES Internship Panel by Simon Weiss (A’24)

by tuftsigl

In November, ALLIES welcomed back, virtually, four ALLIES alumni for the annual fall internship panel.

Jan 12

The 75th Anniversary of WWII by Jackson Lubke (A’23)

by tuftsigl

In October, ALLIES had the distinct pleasure to host Professor Marc Gallicchio from Villanova University. In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, our theme for this week was a dive into the relations between the United States of America and East Asia, post-World War II.

Jan 08

Peace-Building in a Pandemic by Nitya Nadgir (A’23)

by tuftsigl

In November, Tufts ALLIES welcomed IGL Alumna Britt Sloan, a former member of Mercy Corps and an ALLIES alum, and Sharon Ogbogu, a Program Officer with Mercy Corps to a virtual discussion on the impact of COVID-19 on peacebuilding efforts in Nigeria and how the socio-political conflict in African states has detracted from the fight aga

Nov 12

7th Annual ALLIES Civil Military Relations Conference

by tuftsigl

Tufts ALLIES is proud to host our 2020 Civil-Military Relations Conference (CMRC) on Saturday, November 14th, 2020. This year’s theme is Securing the Final Frontier: The 21st Century Space Race. The keynote speaker for the conference is Paul Syzmanski, an expert on space warfare.

May 08

The Future Of The U.S. In The Middle East

by tuftsigl

he United States has traditionally taken an active political role in the Middle East and its involvement in the region is always an important issue in a presidential election year. In February, the Tufts Institute for Global Leadership held a discussion on “The Future of U.S.

Jul 12

China in the Indo-Pacific by Akash Mishra (A’22)

by tuftsigl

This final day of the 2019 ALLIES JRP has brought with it a fair bit of reflection. Over the course of the last sixteen days, Jake, the US Naval Academy team, and I have been able to engage in the culmination of over seven months of preparation to broaden the scope of our knowledge on civil military relations in India.

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