Mar 13

IGL Student speaks on her research and experiences in Ghana by Jhanel Chew

by tuftsigl

When I left the United States, it was 27 degrees outside. There were piles of snow everywhere and I was freezing in my big winter coat and snow boots. By the time I finally got off the plane, the sun had set and the temperature in Ghana had cooled significantly to a low 80 degrees.

Nov 09

Empower Presentations by Sean Silbert

by tuftsigl

Each year, the Institute for Global Leadership sponsors a group of motivated Tufts University students to pursue social entrepreneurship projects that have a real-world impact.

Oct 28

Media Role in Connecting and Uplifting Communities by Nemmani Sreedhar

by tuftsigl

It’s been over a month since I wrapped up my summer project, but the learnings from this summer are still seeping in. What do we do when we face issues for which we do not have any easy or quick solutions?

Oct 24

Creating a line of socially conscious footwear with Peter Sacco by Sean Silbert

by tuftsigl

Peter Sacco, a second-year student at the Fletcher School, is a 2016 Empower Fellowship recipient. He used his fellowship to travel to Guatemala and work with local craftsmen to begin a socially conscious line of luxury footwear. Check it out at www.adelanteshoes.com. Adelante Shoe Co.

Aug 24

Randomized Controlled Trials in a Developing Country Context by Ananda Paez

by tuftsigl

Conducting a Key Informant Interview (KII) on the outskirts of Makeni town, Bombali province, Sierra Leone

Aug 10

Rashmi Aired in Attappady by Nemmani Sreedhar

by tuftsigl

It’s been more than a month at Attappady, a remote tribal area in Kerala, a state in South India.

Jul 25

Accessing Growth and Rural Development through Agricultural Aggregators by Maggie Kellogg

by tuftsigl

Just yesterday in a blog post on the potential for the transformation of Africa - “to change faster in the next generation than any continent ever has” - through innovation and entrepreneurship spearheaded by the continent’s young population, Bi

Jul 15

Attapadi by Nemmani Sreedhar

by tuftsigl

“People come here and tell us what our problems are and how to solve them. No one has come to ask us what our pressing problems are” - A response we got from Shanti* when we asked her if anyone has come to ask her about the problems she and her community faced.

Jul 13

The Yazidis by Eliza Davis

by tuftsigl

Clementine and I strolled over to the Yazidi area of camp with a roll of green plastic mesh and several buckets of paint. After fighting had broken out between the Kurds and Arabs, the Yazidi children had stopped coming to school.

Jun 24

The School written by Eliza Davis from Katsikas refugee camp (Greece)

by tuftsigl

I am volunteering at Katsikas refugee camp on mainland Greece, and one of my primary duties at camp is teaching English.

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