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Aug 17

Gearing toward the End by Atrey Bhargava (A’21)

by tuftsigl

After a month and a half of my internship at CANVAS, the city of Belgrade seems more like home than just a vantage point to study and hone my skills in the areas of human rights and activism. July is the month of tourists, and this has provided a much-needed jolt to the dragging economy.

Aug 03

Researching Non-Violent Methods of Resistance at the Albert Einstein Institution by Claire Trilling (A’19)

by tuftsigl

As part of the Oslo Scholars program this summer, I’ve been working remotely for Jamila Raqib at the Albert Einstein Institution. The organization specializes in the study of nonviolent methods of resistance and how they can be used in conflicts globally.

Jul 18

Journeys Don’t Always End Up the Way We Expect Them To by Carlos Irisarri (A’21)

by tuftsigl

There are very few events in the world that will land you in as many places as I found myself during the course of the Oslo Freedom Forum, especially in so little time.

Jul 18

The 10th Anniversary of the Oslo Freedom Forum by Carlos Irisarri (A’21)

by tuftsigl

As part of the Oslo Scholars program at the Institute for Global Leadership, I, along with another Tufts student, was given the opportunity to attend the Oslo Freedom Forum (OFF) in Norway.

Jul 05

How To Use Rice Pudding, Lego Men and other Nonviolent Techniques To Change the World by Atrey Bhargava (A'21)

by tuftsigl

The title comes from Srdja Popovic’s book, Blueprint for a Revolution

Jun 07

The Freedom To Connect with Activists across the World by Claire Trilling (A'19)

by tuftsigl

I stepped off the plane in Oslo, Norway excited to attend the Oslo Freedom Forum, a gathering of the world’s most notable human rights activists, journalists, policymakers, technologists, and artists who share the goal of making the world a more democratic and peaceful place.

Aug 30

What Should be the Role of NGOs in Fighting for Human Rights? Summer at the Albert Einstein Institution by Sara Arman

by tuftsigl

This summer I am working remotely for the Albert Einstein Institution as an IGL Oslo Scholar. I am working for Jamila Raqib, the executive director of the institution who was an Oslo Freedom Forum Fellow. The Albert Einstein Institution works to advance the worldwide study and strategic use of nonviolent action.

Aug 29

There Are No Cookie Cutter Solutions to Building Democracy: CANVAS in Belgrade by Zara Rancheva

by tuftsigl

It would not be an overstatement to say that, during my first month of work at CANVAS, I was perpetually awestruck.

Jul 11

Oslo Freedom Forum and an Internship with Bahrain Rehabilitation and Anti Violence Organization by Anne Hall

by tuftsigl

“As Salam Alaykom” I greeted my mentor, Dr. Nada Dhaif, excitedly over a skype call in early May. We chatted briefly about the expectations and responsibilities interning remotely for BRAVO (Bahrain Rehabilitation and Anti-Violence Organization).

Sep 07

Preventative mental health program in Kashmir schools by Ogul Girgin

by tuftsigl

“They make a devastation and call it peace” - Agha Shahid Ali

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