Apr 19

ALLIES Annual CMRC Simulation by Matt Stinson A'25

by MH

In November 2021, ALLIES hosted their 8th annual Civil-Military Relations Conference (CMRC). As part of the conference, attendees participated in a simulation-based on this year's theme: Nation-Building and Peacekeeping in the 21st century.

Apr 11

MERG Fact-Finding Trip to Cyprus

by Chris Burke

Hello and welcome to the final blog post for this year’s MERG Fact-Finding Trip to Cyprus. We are currently on the plane back to Boston and I cannot help but feel incredibly grateful for the experience that we have had over the last eight days.

Apr 07

Learning about LGBTQIA+ Rights in Cyprus from both government and civil society perspectives

by tuftsigl

My Wednesday was a true immersion into what I was hoping international work involved. The day started with Meg Grieve and Emma Jennings, as we walked to the EU House here in Nicosia. We were so well-welcomed into the premises of this organization.

Apr 05


by tuftsigl

The empower program for social entrepreneurship educates, mentors, guides and motivates aspiring social entrepreneurs. Empower is a program for tufts university undergraduate and graduate to engage in practical, experiential learning for social entrepreneurship.

Apr 05

MERG Cyprus Research Trip, Spring 2022 by Emma Jennings (A'24)

by tuftsigl

This week I conducted interviews with many very interesting and knowledgeable experts on topics ranging from North Cyprus-Republic of Cyprus peace negotiations, asylum law in the Republic of Cyprus, Turkish foreign policy, and migration policy.

Mar 25

MERG Cyprus research trip, Spring 2022 by Carolina Hidalgo-McCabe A'23

by tuftsigl

After 25 hours of travel from Boston (including a 9-hour layover in London) we made it to Nicosia, Cyprus late last night.