Apr 24

FieldEx 2017 by Emily Spak

by tuftsigl

On April 7th-8th, Tufts students participated in a live-action simulation called FieldEx, hosted by civilian-military relations organization ALLIES. FieldEx combines political, diplomatic, and military components in a peacekeeping and stability scenario that plays out on a paintball field.

Apr 21

UN Peace-Keeping with Nick Birnback by Noah Kulak

by mdillard

On Wednesday 4/19, Tufts ALLIES met with Nicholas Birnback A '92, the current Head of Public Affairs for United Nations Peacekeeping. Starting in 1996, Birnback has been part of U.N. peace missions in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Eritrea, East Timor and Somalia.

Apr 20

The World in Disarray Lecture Review with Richard Hass and James Stavridis

by tuftsigl

EPIIC students, IGL affiliates, students, and members of the Tufts Community were invited to join the lecture on the current state of the world with two honorable guest speakers who provided a timely analysis of a world increasingly defined by disorder.

Apr 12

Inquiry Conference 2017 by Amira Al-Subaey

by mdillard

Inquiry is the Institute’s global issues program for high school students, creating a forum for students to engage deeply with compelling issues through intensive study, role-play, and mentorship by Tufts EPIIC students studying the topic in-depth.

Apr 04

Navigating Asian Pacific Alliances (Part 2) By Susannah Klopf, John Mcsorley And Ian Kapuza

by tuftsigl

For our Fletcher School Capstone project, we are exploring the potential for additional security cooperation between the United States, Australia, Japan, and South Korea.

Mar 31

Putting on a Career Day for Thottiyapatti Children by BUILD India team

by mdillard

During the last days of our trip, before the Pongal holiday began, our team successfully put on a Career Day event for the children at the Learning Center! We wanted to present a higher education option to attendees, framing it as one path they could take in their lives.