Mar 18

NIMEP Morocco: Rabat by Ezgi Yazici (A'21)

by heatherbarry

Our day started off with a beautiful Moroccan breakfast on our hotel’s rooftop with fresh orange juice, omelettes, coupled with a soft Mediterranean breeze.  As the new week begins tomorrow, Sunday was a day of working on our research topics for interviews scheduled for the week in Rabat, Tangiers, and Fes.

Mar 17

NIMEP Morocco: Research Begins in Rabat by Taylor Lewis (A’21)

by heatherbarry

After a good night’s rest, many of us were woken up to the call to prayer at dawn—a reminder that we really are in Morocco and that the last day of travel had not been some elaborate dream. Although some quickly fell back asleep, others began their day, setting out to explore and talk to people.

Mar 16

NIMEP Morocco: Rabat Landing by Daniel Ndirangu (A’21)

by heatherbarry

All our days (and nights) of preparation, both in terms of research and logistics, brought us to this very day. We were finally leaving for Morocco, to learn more about the country through our rich and diverse research topics.

Jan 17

5th Annual ALLIES Civil Military Relations Conference on "Security, Society and the New Climate Regime" by Dylan Miles (A’21)

by tuftsigl

On November 10th, Tufts ALLIES, a program of the Institute for Global Leadership, kicked off its fifth annual Civil Military Relations Conference (CMRC) on “Security, Society, and the New Climate Regime.” This conference centered the importance of climate change for national security policy professionals, in both military and civilian

Jan 04

Sexual Violence in Myanmar’s Rohingya Crisis: Film Screening and Conversation By Adriana Pappas

by tuftsigl

Content Warning: This article discusses sexual assault and violence.

Dec 27

IGL Alumni Panel "Mind, Body, Schisms: Conflict and Cognitive Science"

by tuftsigl

What is going on in the mind of individuals in conflict settings?  How does your brain respond to “others” who do not fit in to your social group?  Conflict and fear are closely related, and they can be analyzed through a scientific lens.