Aug 29

Professional National (and Personal) Education by Eva Kahan

by tuftsigl

The National Defense University feels a bit detached from your average Washington, DC national security institution.

Aug 29

There Are No Cookie Cutter Solutions to Building Democracy: CANVAS in Belgrade by Zara Rancheva

by tuftsigl

It would not be an overstatement to say that, during my first month of work at CANVAS, I was perpetually awestruck.

Aug 29

Nancy Pelosi, New Citizens, and Free La Croix: A Day in the Life of a San Francisco Democrat Intern by Alison Bogy

by tuftsigl

An average day at the San Francisco Democratic Party:

10am: I arrive at the Oakland Paramount Theater, where the bi-monthly New Citizen Swearing in Ceremony is almost over. I greet my boss and the five other interns, before picking up a pen and a clipboard stacked with voter registration forms.

Aug 28

PNDP Student at Johannesburg’s Mail and Guardian by Anthony Schultz

by tuftsigl

I’ve been in Johannesburg for almost three months now, working for the Mail & Guardian media house as a documentary photography fellow. Working for the Mail & Guardian has entailed creating visuals for the coverage of daily news stories in addition to pursuing stories of personal interest in and around Johannesburg.

Aug 23

Tufts University's Response to Charlottesville

by heatherbarry

August 14, 2017

Dear Members of the Tufts Community,

Aug 22

Timmy Global Health with Asociación Pop Wuj, Guatemala by Hannah Levin, part 2

by tuftsigl

The second half of the work I did with Pop Wuj rapidly came to an end. After adjusting to the lifestyle and pace in Xela, Guatemala, with the occasional earthquake shock and parasite challenges, the days packed with morning clinic and afternoon classes flew by.