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Kombucha Lightning Talk by Madeleine Clark

by mdillard
Kombucha Lightning Talk by Madeleine Clark Feb 16

Synaptics Scholars organize weekly lightning talks -- brief presentations given by one of the members of the group on a topic of interest. Each week, our meeting begins with a different Synaptic Scholar (a Syn, for short!) giving a five to ten-minute presentation. A lightning talk is an opportunity for Syns to share something they are passionate or curious about, as well as to practice presentation skills in a supportive environment. Last semester, lightning talk topics ranged from the Boston’s history with racism to prison education programs; from the colonial history of Namibia to the significance of costume design in theater. We welcome interjections and questions throughout the talks. And in many cases, lightning talks organically lead us to further, deeper discussion.

May 08

Synaptic Scholars Senior Presentations

by tuftsigl

Last week, seniors in the Synaptic Scholars program presented what they have learned, produced, and discovered throughout their time in the program. The presentations featured seven seniors at Tufts University, each with their own unique interests, projects, and goals.

Oct 07

Synaptics go Kayaking by Adriana Guardans-Godo

by tuftsigl

On Friday October 7th a group of excited Synaptics went on an excursion kayaking on the Charles River. It was a beautiful sunny day and spirits were high as we paddled along the river, zigzagging past boats and shells and trying to survive the Saturday river traffic with no crashes.

Aug 26

The Evolving State of Mammography Screening Services by Nathaniel Tran

by tuftsigl

I am nearing completion of my internship at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for Dana-Farber’s Mammography Van (DFMV).

Jul 14

The Role of Employer Incentived Preventative Screenings in Healthy Behavior Promotion by Nathaniel Tran

by tuftsigl

I am currently interning at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts where my work is focused on supporting Dana-Farber's Mammography Van (DFMV).

Dec 08

Pedagogy in the Natural Sciences: Dr. Joshua Kritzer and Dr. David Hammer

by khuyenbui

Synaptic Scholars/Fireside Chat #1/December 7th, 2015

On Monday Synaptic Scholars had our first fireside chat with Dr. David Hammer (Depts. of Education and Physics) and  and Dr. Joshua Kritzer (Dept. of Chemistry) present on their pedagogical techniques in the natural sciences. 

Oct 12

Synaptic Scholars Synaptathon

by khuyenbui

On October 3rd, 2015, the Synaptic Scholars met in 574 Boston Ave for the 2015 Synapathon. The members spent the day brainstorming and developing the new Synaptic Scholars website. 

Oct 07

Synaptic Scholars "Synaptathon"

by samberry

Synaptic Scholars organized a “Synaptathon” last Saturday to get their website up and running. Trying to revamp the old Discourse publication in a digital form, they decided to great a website through which they could share their personal and broader projects.

Sep 21

An Education in Nutrition by Nathaniel Tran

by tuftsigl

The last time I blogged, I was just starting to learn about food deserts and was writing a guide for the Center for Young Women’s Health to improve snacking behavior. Although the Center exists digitally, I spent several days trying to address issues regarding access to healthy foods in Boston specifically.

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