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JAMnesty 2016

by kendalltodd
JAMnesty 2016 Apr 22

On Saturday, April 16, Amnesty and Love 146 hosted this year's JAMnesty in Hotung Cafe, a free concert to raise awareness of the organizations' human rights work. Performers included Robert Goodfellow, The Gray Company, McKenzie Keefe, and Wakana, all of whom were very enjoyable. Amnesty and Love 146 provided pizza and soft drinks to attendees, and distributed letters to sign. At the end of the event, the groups raffled off a gift card to True Grounds and a Tufts sweatshirt, which was donted by the bookstore. The event was well-attended and a lot of fun, and many students stayed for the entire night. There were even several people dancing by the end. Amnesty has yet to count the letters that were signed, but the groups are very pleased with the amount they collected.

Dec 07

AmnesTEA/Write for Rights

by kendalltodd

On Sunday, December 6, Amnesty held the annual Write for Rights letter-writing drive in Sophia-Gordon Multipurpose Room. The theme of the event was AmnesTEA, so the room was set up like a coffeehouse, with clusters of chairs scattered around and tables bearing international food and drinks lining the edges.

Nov 18

Voices from Solitary: Think Outside the Box

by kendalltodd

Monday night, Tufts Amnesty International hosted a panel on solitary confinement, featuring 5 speakers who not only had served time in prison, but also are involved in activist organizations seeking to reform the criminal justice system.

Nov 09

Amnesty International's Northeast Regional Conference

by Stina Stannik

The theme of the regional conference, and a recurring element in much of Amnesty's work, is Moments to Movements: how do individual experiences and specific instances in time inform the broader communities and movements of which we are part?

Oct 28

Film Screening: Gulabi Gang

by kendalltodd

On Monday, October 26, 2015 Tufts Amnesty screened the 2012 documentary Gulabi Gang, a film about an Indian women's organization dedicated to combating violence against women.

Nov 14


by tuftsigl

Tufts Amnesty and SWAT (Spoken Word Alliance at Tufts) held an open mic night, bringing together a group of passionate students and artists to perform spoken word pieces on various issues in human rights. It was an evening full of poetry and creative expression.  

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