Pacific ALLIES conducts research in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, by Simon Weiss (A24)

by MH
Pacific ALLIES conducts research in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, by Simon Weiss (A24) Sep 01

The Pacific ALLIES team traveled to the Republic of the Marshall Islands after their time in Honolulu to conduct a series of community risk assessments about climate change related droughts on the outer islands and to look at the human factors that influence implementing solutions to these issues. After we finished our 14 days of quarantine on the US military base on Kwajalein Atoll, we were joined by US Army Pacific’s Oceania Engagement Team for the Marshall Islands, MSG John Phillips and SSG Gary Likiak, who were brought on board to help us make connections and extend those connections to the US military.

Jun 15

ALLIES First Days in Chile by Mika Mizobuchi (A24)

by MH

On June 1st, we arrived in Santiago, Chile at the Arturo Merino Benítez Airport.  Upon arrival we met up with the midshipmen and cadets from the navy and army military academies. The first day involved preparing for our interviews and getting settled in our hotel adjacent to the Costanera Center, the tallest building in Latin America.

Apr 19

ALLIES Annual CMRC Simulation by Matt Stinson A'25

by MH

In November 2021, ALLIES hosted their 8th annual Civil-Military Relations Conference (CMRC). As part of the conference, attendees participated in a simulation-based on this year's theme: Nation-Building and Peacekeeping in the 21st century.

Oct 19

Mark Storella: 30 Years in the Foreign Service by Matt Stinson

by tuftsigl

This past month, ALLIES had the pleasure of welcoming retired Ambassador Mark Storella to dinner with the organization's executive board and to give a talk to the Tufts community about working in the U.S. Foreign Service. Amb. Storella is a Fletcher alumnus and the former U.S.

Feb 05

Commercialization of Space and its Security Implications by Mika Mizobuchi (A24)

by Chris Burke

The Tufts ALLIES 2020 Civil-Military Relations Conference (CMRC) also included a speaker on private actors in space. Katherine Monson, an IGL alumna and a former ALLIES member.

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