The Gambia: The ‘Smiling Coast of Africa’ by Nick Pfosi

by tuftsigl
The Gambia: The ‘Smiling Coast of Africa’ by Nick Pfosi Jul 22

My flight landed at 3AM and a man named Kebba Nyassi, a cab driver, was supposed to meet me at the airport exit. He was my ride. Stepping off the plane, all the passengers were immediately checked for fever, a likely Ebola-related precaution. Lining up at the passport check, I was able to buy my visa, find Kebba and be on my way.

On the roads to Kerr Serigne, a small city near Banjul, the streets, of the majority Muslim country, were buzzing with people, lively after a day of Ramadan fasting and high temperatures.

Dec 19

Documenting Nigeria

by admin

Samuel James has been drawn to Nigeria since he first read about its megacity Lagos in a New Yorker article by George Packer. A Synaptic Scholar at the IGL, he first traveled to Lagos with three other Synaptics during the winter of his sophomore year in 2006-07.

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