TILIP 2021 Kicks Off!

by heatherbarry
TILIP 2021 Kicks Off! Dec 14

On Friday, EPIIC's International Student Committee hosted its first discussion with this year's participating TILIP delegations. TILIP annually brings together student delegations from international universities to participate and think with the EPIIC students on the year's EPIIC theme, this year "China and the World". Friday's discussion focused on meeting each other and discussing the China-U.S. relationship. Some of the discussion questions the students from Tufts, Russia, China, Brazil, Kenya, Canada and Ireland addressed were:nHow would you characterize the polarity of today’s international system? Do we live in a unipolar, bipolar, or multipolar world? What points of tension in the US-China relationship would be most likely to cause a direct confrontation between the two powers? What are the key features of the ongoing U.S. - China trade war (including technological competition)? Who loses in this trade war? 

Feb 25

2015 TILIP International Students

by tuftsigl

International delegations from nine countries participated in the this year's EPIIC International Symposium. See their initial reflections on the event.

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