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The Importance of Engaging Community Members in Sustainability Projects by Clemencia Pinascola

by mdillard
The Importance of Engaging Community Members in Sustainability Projects by Clemencia Pinascola Jan 31

This winter, I was part of the Ecuador Team of Tufts International Development (TID) that travelled to Coaque, Ecuador, to check in on our ongoing digital library project, Koombook. TID is partnering with Libraries without Borders on Koombook, a device that allows its users to have access to hundreds of educational resources without the use of the internet. Last summer, TID placed two Koombooks in Coaque.

However, we realized that many children may not have been able to take full advantage of the resources. This was both due to administrative issues, the need to have the center consistently open and under supervision, and technological issues. To ensure that the centers are open consistently, we decided to hire a community member as a project facilitator. The Project Facilitator’s role is more than just administrative, in fact as a community member she will be a vital person in helping us move the project forward.

Jan 31

The Reality in Coaque, Ecuador by Joaquin Bustamante

by mdillard

Coaque is a rural town located in the coastal region of Ecuador. It has suffered dramatically since the deadly earthquake struck the community in 2016. Tufts International Development (TID) has been working with the community since 2016, in collaboration with the NGO Avanti and Libraries Without Borders, to implement Koombook.

Oct 17

IGL students attend the 10th Annual Clinton Global Initiative University Meeting by Mia Ellis

by tuftsigl

Every year, the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) conference gathers hundreds of students to take action on the world's most pressing challenges. All attendees develop Commitments to Action, which are proposals for ideas or projects that aim to solve issues in local communities or abroad.

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