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Brandeis University professor spoke with Institute for Global Leadership student groups on philosophy of development

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Brandeis University professor spoke with Institute for Global Leadership student groups on philosophy of development Oct 27

BUILD India and BUILD LA hosted an informative and engaging discussion last night with the Director of the Center for Global Development and Sustainability at Brandeis, Laurence Simon. Many topics involving the ethics of outsiders working in the field of sustainable development were touched upon including social, political, and historical roots of poverty throughout South Asian and Latin American regions.

One of the topics that resonated most with BUILD India’s mission was the discussion of castes and discrimination as a large, underlying factor in, and contributing factor to, the continued prevalence of poverty. The examination of the psychological and historical role that caste system has played historically and currently plays in India provided an elucidating perspective. Understanding castes culturally and historically is imperative in achieving the goal of working to combat poverty and the lack of sustainable development in many areas of India.

Aug 30

BUILD Team Takes an Educational Field Trip with Payir’s Children, Visits Tribal Health Initiative in the Sittlingi Valley, Addressing Concerns of Thottiyapatti Learning Center about Solarpowered Light and More, by Kristina Chu

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Previously, we wrote that we were planning an educational field trip for Learning Center, Payir, and village children from different socioeconomic backgrounds. We are happy to report that the trip was a success! The children enjoyed their time at the planetarium, airport, and tropical butterfly park.

Aug 01

Waste Management and Organic Farming in Payir, India by the BUILD team

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Over the course of the past week and a half, there has been a monumental amount of progress within our team. For example, we have organized an educational field trip for approximately 70 children, including students of the Payir School and the Thottiyapatti Learning Center.

Sep 17

Long-Term Sustainability by Stephane Alexandre

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As we make our way to Thottiyapatti one last time for the trip, I know that there are two major concepts that I will take home with me: long-term sustainability is possible and communication is essential.

Sep 13

Meeting the People of Thottiyapatti by Stephane Alexandre

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Today marks the halfway point of our summer trip! Being on this trip has helped me understand the mission and incredible work that BUILD: India is dedicated to doing in Thottiyapatti, our partner village.

Aug 28

Urbanization ≠ Isolation: BUILD’s 2014 Income Generation Scheme

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Gautam Kapur (’16) is majoring in Economics and International Relations with a minor in Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies. He is a member of the BUILD:India Summer 2014 trip.
Indian villagers are no strangers to urbanization. 
May 27

BUILD: India Summer Trip 2013 - "It's Really Hot Here"

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It’s been a full week since the BUILD summer trip team 2013 embarked upon the trip to Thottiyapatti.

Dec 19

We Are All BUILD

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