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Putting on a Career Day for Thottiyapatti Children by Siddharth Divakaruni

by mdillard
Putting on a Career Day for Thottiyapatti Children by Siddharth Divakaruni Mar 31

During the last days of our trip, before the Pongal holiday began, our team successfully put on a Career Day event for the children at the Learning Center! We wanted to present alternative career options to those that the students there might have previously envisioned for themselves. We wanted to highlight the successes of other Thottiyapatti members, since we believed these students can be seen as role models to the younger kids. Selva, a college educated teacher and Payir employee came and spoke to the kids as well as the two learning center teachers, Devika and Banupriya, and local middle school teacher (who is a Payir employee), Mr. Pachumuthu. Although we wanted to present the benefits of continuing education and the variety of career choices available with completion of higher education, we were cognizant to present it as another option instead of as a better way of life. The students of the Learning Center were extremely happy to see Selva and Mr.

Mar 30

Studying Public Health in Thottiyapatti by Siddharth Divakaruni

by mdillard

Throughout many semesters, all of the members of our team have participated in discussing theories of sustainable development and have attempted to devise successful and sustainable projects to be implemented in Thottiyapatti, a small village in the most rural section of Tamil Nadu, India.

Oct 27

Brandeis University professor spoke with Institute for Global Leadership student groups on philosophy of development

by tuftsigl

BUILD India and BUILD LA hosted an informative and engaging discussion last night with the Director of the Center for Global Development and Sustainability at Brandeis, Laurence Simon.

Aug 30

BUILD Team Takes an Educational Field Trip with Payir’s Children, Visits Tribal Health Initiative in the Sittlingi Valley, Addressing Concerns of Thottiyapatti Learning Center about Solarpowered Light and More, by Kristina Chu

by tuftsigl

Previously, we wrote that we were planning an educational field trip for Learning Center, Payir, and village children from different socioeconomic backgrounds. We are happy to report that the trip was a success! The children enjoyed their time at the planetarium, airport, and tropical butterfly park.

Aug 01

Waste Management and Organic Farming in Payir, India by the BUILD team

by tuftsigl

Over the course of the past week and a half, there has been a monumental amount of progress within our team. For example, we have organized an educational field trip for approximately 70 children, including students of the Payir School and the Thottiyapatti Learning Center.

Sep 17

Long-Term Sustainability by Stephane Alexandre

by tuftsigl

As we make our way to Thottiyapatti one last time for the trip, I know that there are two major concepts that I will take home with me: long-term sustainability is possible and communication is essential.

Sep 13

Meeting the People of Thottiyapatti by Stephane Alexandre

by tuftsigl


Today marks the halfway point of our summer trip! Being on this trip has helped me understand the mission and incredible work that BUILD: India is dedicated to doing in Thottiyapatti, our partner village.

Aug 28

Urbanization ≠ Isolation: BUILD’s 2014 Income Generation Scheme

by tuftsigl
Gautam Kapur (’16) is majoring in Economics and International Relations with a minor in Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies. He is a member of the BUILD:India Summer 2014 trip.
Indian villagers are no strangers to urbanization. 
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