Apr 05


by tuftsigl

The empower program for social entrepreneurship educates, mentors, guides and motivates aspiring social entrepreneurs. Empower is a program for tufts university undergraduate and graduate to engage in practical, experiential learning for social entrepreneurship.

Jul 16

Building a Future of Financial Inclusion in Africa: My Preliminary Experience with FinTech Pezesha in Leading the Way in Embedded Financing by Elisabeth Di Domenico (A24)

by tuftsigl

This summer, I am working remotely as a Communications and Business Development Consultant for Pezesha Africa, a fintech startup based in Nairobi, Kenya. Pezesha was founded by its CEO, Hilda Moraa (pictured bottom left on the poster), an award-winning entrepreneur and author.

Jul 13

Pride, Protest and Power: Balancing International Journalism with Local Compassion in Brazil by Laura Harvey (A’24)

by tuftsigl

This summer, I am lucky to be interning with the International Indigenous Rights NGO, Cultural Survival. I have mainly been working on communications and on a project called Indigenous Rights Radio, which sources and creates radio programs to be distributed to Indigenous community radio stations.

End of the day prayer and at the assembly before leaving for home
Jul 08

Light on the hill: the global impact of Tufts International community by Derick Athiri (A’23)

by tuftsigl

I wish I could say I am a stranger to Kenya. I wish I could describe the country with the awed language of a tourist. But mine is an even better perspective: one of a local boy and seasoned teenager who is a returning sojourner.

Aug 19

Working at the International Labour Organization (ILO), by Tasfia Zaman (F’20)

by tuftsigl

When I think about my beloved childhood home of Dhaka, Bangladesh, I remember the busy streets, the smell of incense in the air, and my grandmother cooking while debating the ideals of feminism. Believe me, my grandmother and I have had some very enlightening conversations about navigating life as a woman.

Aug 07

Why is albania’s talent leaving the country? by Alfred Sogja (F’1G)

by tuftsigl

U.S. Ambassador Yuri Kim visits U.S. technology company Mozenda in their offices in Tirana, Albania. Photo taken by U.S. Embassy-Tirana.

Aug 03

Can Grassroots Initiatives Foster Innovation in Guinea-Bissau? by Marcia Almeida Mendes (F’20)

by tuftsigl

Can grassroots initiatives foster innovation in Guinea Bissau? This is a question I came up with last summer while spending time in Guinea-Bissau, a small nation in West Africa, for my capstone research and a consultancy project. This summer, I have been working with a grassroots organization based in the country to try and answer it.

Nov 12

The Current Status of Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, and Nutrition (WASH-N)in Ruhango, Rwandaby Magnifique Mukundwa (E’20)

by jtijssen

As part of my Empower fellowship, this summer I was able to visit companies and social enterprises doing work related to water, sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition (WASH-N) as well as both primary and secondary schools.

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