Aug 23

“We Do What We Can” by Ariel Barbieri-Aghib

by tuftsigl

Upon my arrival to the states after my research in morocco, I realized how much I had learned from my research. While I was comparing the United States to morocco in terms of making an indigenous language a second official language, I realized how much morocco had done.

Jun 10

Hospitality in Morocco by Ariel Barbieri-Aghib

by tuftsigl

As we were winding through the blue streets of Chefchaouen, I thought back to all of the people we interviewed; the different interesting facts we learned and the overall experience. For me, the most fulfilling part was experiencing the intersection of Moroccan hospitality coupled with the interesting interviews we had.

Jun 03

Marrakech and Fes by Obaid Farooqui

by tuftsigl

My introduction to Morocco has been somewhat of a blast into the past. Walking through Jama-al-Fna and the souks surrounding it in Marrakech felt like I was walking not just through a place that was foreign to me, but a time that was foreign as well.

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