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Dec 08

Pedagogy in the Natural Sciences: Dr. Joshua Kritzer and Dr. David Hammer

by khuyenbui

Synaptic Scholars/Fireside Chat #1/December 7th, 2015

On Monday Synaptic Scholars had our first fireside chat with Dr. David Hammer (Depts. of Education and Physics) and  and Dr. Joshua Kritzer (Dept. of Chemistry) present on their pedagogical techniques in the natural sciences. 

Dec 07

AmnesTEA/Write for Rights

by kendalltodd

On Sunday, December 6, Amnesty held the annual Write for Rights letter-writing drive in Sophia-Gordon Multipurpose Room. The theme of the event was AmnesTEA, so the room was set up like a coffeehouse, with clusters of chairs scattered around and tables bearing international food and drinks lining the edges.

Dec 04

Guest lecturers Lionel McPherson and Mario de Caro at EPIIC: Immigration and the Idea of Europe

by tuftsigl

On Thursday, December 3, 2015 Guest Lecturers: Lionel McPherson and Mario de Caro spoke on "Immigration and the Idea of Europe."