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The Role of Women in Modern Conflicts by Avani Kabra (A’23)

by tuftsigl
The Role of Women in Modern Conflicts by Avani Kabra (A’23) Aug 06

This summer, I have had the pleasure of working with four other Tufts’ students on a project called A Woman’s War with Elizabeth (Biz) Herman, an IGL alumna and a PhD candidate at the University of California Berkeley.

This project documents the varied experiences of women in modern wars, focusing on women in Vietnam, Bosnia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Northern Ireland, and the United States. I was initially drawn to this project for its emphasis on understanding war through a gendered lens. History is often demarcated based on conflicts that have led to the rise and decline of different empires and civilizations. The narratives of these conflicts have historically excluded the direct voices of women, while giving them a one-dimensional archetype as a ‘victim’ of war. I am so excited to contribute to a project that provides this necessary account of the various roles, contributions, and experiences that women have during war.


Aug 03

Can Grassroots Initiatives Foster Innovation in Guinea-Bissau? by Marcia Almeida Mendes (F’20)

by tuftsigl

Can grassroots initiatives foster innovation in Guinea Bissau? This is a question I came up with last summer while spending time in Guinea-Bissau, a small nation in West Africa, for my capstone research and a consultancy project. This summer, I have been working with a grassroots organization based in the country to try and answer it.

Jul 30

19 Stolen Years: Holding the Eritrean Regime Accountable by Leah Yohannes (A’21)

by tuftsigl

This summer I am interning with One Day Seyoum (ODS), a youth-led organization dedicated to publicizing human rights violations in Eritrea and to speaking out against the current regime.