BUILD members participate in workshop with Allister Chang, executive director of Libraries Without Borders

by tuftsigl
May 02

BUILD Latin America has been partnering with Libraries Without Borders (LWB) for over a year on a project that seeks to implement e-libraries in rural and earthquake-affected areas in Ecuador. In June 2017, five students will travel to Ecuador to implement two trial programs with a local NGO. On Sunday, April 29th, seven BUILD members participated in a workshop with Allister Chang, LWB's executive director. As students prepare for their summer trip to Ecuador, Allister trained the team on how to utilize the e-library technology as a means of effecting change in communities, as well as how to confront cultural shocks when implementing social programs in Ecuador and other foreign countries. The purpose of the workshop was for LWB to empower students and teach them skills relevant to project management and responsible social work.