Making a Difference in DC, by Amelia Miller (A23)

by MH
Sep 15

This summer I had the opportunity to intern with Lawyers Without Borders (LWOB), an international nonprofit that works to advance the global rule of law and build capacity and integrity in the world’s justice sectors. I was ecstatic to be accepted to LWOB’s internship program, because through my classes over the last several semesters, I have begun to realize I have a strong interest in human rights law. LWOB is one of a few organizations in the United States working to advance human rights through law on an international scale. I know that pursuing this internship will allow me to develop a deeper understanding of what work may look like in my future career.

In addition to being an incredible opportunity to learn more about my future field, this internship was my first opportunity to intern in person. I entered Tufts in 2019, and as a result of COVID beginning in 2020, all six of the internships I took part in prior to this one were held in a virtual format. I am thrilled to finally be able to intern in-person, right before I start my senior year. I know this will be an excellent opportunity for me to learn more about what the type of work I would like to do looks like in the “real world”. Although my internship is technically hybrid, I have the opportunity to work in the office on Mondays, Wednesdays, and occasional Fridays.

Within the first few days, I had already had the realization that I enjoy working in the office much more than I did working virtually. I feel that I have been able to connect with the other interns, and also to learn from the full-time staff far more while in the office. Impromptu lunch chats and coffee breaks have been an incredible opportunity for me to dive deeper into what a career in human rights law looks like, and also what it takes to start a career in law.

Looking forward, I am really excited to continue learning with and from my coworkers, and to start really conducting research and work in the field of human rights law.