SGCP Nepal Visit

by tuftsigl
May 23

Today we had the incredible opportunity to visit Self-Help Group for Cerebral Palsy Nepal (SGCP). The center was located right outside of Kathmandu. The center included a rehabilitation building where medical professionals, social workers, and other helpers work with children with cerebral palsy while also providing emotional and practical support and training to parents. The center also included a beautiful school for children with cerebral palsy. We were there due to the large number of cases of cerebral palsy that PHASE Nepal health workers see in all PHASE’s sights. In many of the sights, it is impossible for PHASE staff to provide the necessary support and treatment for the children. PHASE was investigating the possibility of referring cases to SGCP and also collaborating with them in the future. We were blown away by the experience and so grateful that Gerda allowed us to tag along.
It should also not be forgotten that on our trek to SGCP, we encountered an elephant walking casually down the street!
Later in the day we did more logistical preparation for our trip into Rayale at the PHASE office and enjoyed dinner with Gerda at a traditional Nepali food restaurant.

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