Tufts ALLIES Hosts Civil-Military Relations Conference, “In Case of Emergency: Civil-Military Relations and Disaster Response”

by emilyspak
Nov 16

Should militaries be involved in disaster relief? How can civil-military relations in emergency response be improved? These questions and many more were discussed at Tufts ALLIES' 2014 Civil Military Relations Conference, which occurred on November 14-15. The keynote speech and "voices from the field" panel looked at multiple aspects of military and civilian humanitarian response, and included humanitarian assistance and disaster relief professionals from USAID, the United Nations, the U.S. Army, MIT Lincoln Labs, the Wilson Center, and Team Rubicon. Over the weekend, students from multiple universities and military academies had the opportunity to hear from and engage with these individuals through question and answer periods, breakout sessions, and a diplomatic crisis scenario jointly developed by Tufts ALLIES and a professor from the U.S. Naval War College.