Learning about LGBTQIA+ Rights in Cyprus from both government and civil society perspectives

by tuftsigl
Learning about LGBTQIA+ Rights in Cyprus from both government and civil society perspectives Apr 07

My Wednesday was a true immersion into what I was hoping international work involved. The day started with Meg Grieve and Emma Jennings, as we walked to the EU House here in Nicosia. We were so well-welcomed into the premises of this organization. We had a very fruitful interview focused on the influence of EU policy on LGBTQIA+ rights in the Republic of Cyprus and the northern part of the island. I learned about the role of the European Court of Human Rights in decriminalizing same-sex relations through a court case presented by a Cypriot citizen in the 1990s against the Republic of Cyprus. Since then, the country has been advancing its policies regarding the LGBTQIA+ community by criminalizing hate speech, hate crimes, and discrimination in the workplace. As a country in the Middle East, it was very insightful to see the EU play the role of a catalyst for Human Rights.

Apr 05

MERG Cyprus Research Trip, Spring 2022 by Emma Jennings (A'24)

by tuftsigl

This week I conducted interviews with many very interesting and knowledgeable experts on topics ranging from North Cyprus-Republic of Cyprus peace negotiations, asylum law in the Republic of Cyprus, Turkish foreign policy, and migration policy.

Mar 25

MERG Cyprus research trip, Spring 2022 by Carolina Hidalgo-McCabe A'23

by tuftsigl

After 25 hours of travel from Boston (including a 9-hour layover in London) we made it to Nicosia, Cyprus late last night.

May 28

Africa’s Last Colony: International Law Ignored by Connor Doyle (A’21)

by tuftsigl

On Friday, April 23, the Middle East Research Group (MERG) was joined by academics and activists to shed light on an issue not often discussed, the sovereignty of the Western Sahara.

May 08

The Future Of The U.S. In The Middle East

by tuftsigl

he United States has traditionally taken an active political role in the Middle East and its involvement in the region is always an important issue in a presidential election year. In February, the Tufts Institute for Global Leadership held a discussion on “The Future of U.S.

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